Honeybee sting of the sclera: occular features, treatment, outcome and presumed pathogenesis

  • Michaeline Asuquo Isawumi
  • Mustapha B Hassan
Keywords: Sclera bee sting, features, treatment, outcome, presumed pathogenesis


Ocular bee sting injury has caused several reactions in the eye but has rarely been reported among local African farmers, and Nigerians in particular. This case seeks to report the first ocular and external eye  reactions following a honey bee sting of the eye through the sclera, highlighting the treatment and outcome. Oral interview, clinical examination and external photographs were used to obtain and document findings. Medical treatment was instituted as soon as subject presented. There was complete inflammatory resolution within a week, normal vision and no evidence of stinger migration after four weeks of follow up. The wound site healed with ciliary staphyloma. The role of physical properties, immunological and genetics interplay and the presumed pathogenesis is further discussed. Health education on early presentation and avoidance of harmful traditional eye medications should be promoted among the farming populations in our communities, in order to prevent blinding complications


Key words: Sclera bee sting, features, treatment, outcome, presumed pathogenesis


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eISSN: 1937-8688