Mucormycosis in a surgical defect masquerading as osteomyelitis: a case report and review of literature

  • Ashwini Kumar Mengji
  • Uday Shankar Yaga
  • Nishanth Gollamudi
  • Bhanu Prakash
  • Edunuri Rajashekar
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus hyphae, myiasis, PAS stain, zygomycosis


Mucormycosis is a rare, highly lethal opportunistic fungal disease affecting immune compromised and diabetic patients. Mucormycosis is considered as the 3rd most common invasive mycosis after candidiasis and  aspergillosis in debilitating patients. It is caused by the filamentous fungi of the class zygomycetes. The infection usually begins in the nose due to inhalation of fungal spores. This fatal fungal disease needs a prompt and early definitive diagnosis, aggressive surgical therapy and high dose anti-fungal therapy. Here, we present a case report of Mucormycosis in a 64 year elderly diabetic male patient who was previously operated for myiasis and also the extensive review of the literature of the mucormycosis.

Key words: Diabetes mellitus hyphae, myiasis, PAS stain, zygomycosis


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eISSN: 1937-8688