Double half-cone flap umbilicoplasty for proboscoid umbilical hernia in a 2 years old child with satisfactory results 2 years later

  • Eseme Ebai Ashu
  • Guifo Marc Leroy
  • Bang Guy Aristide
  • Bitang Mafok Louis Joss
  • Jemea Bonaventure
  • Savom Eric Patrick
  • Fotso Guegne Myriam
Keywords: Double half-cone flap, proboscoid umbilical hernia, umbilicoplasty


Surgical repair of large umbilical hernias may present a challenging surgical problem; standard surgical  techniques have proven to be inadequate for both closing the fascial defect of the umbilicus and providing a  satisfactory cosmetic result. We describe here a case of double half-cone flap umbilicoplasty that was  performed in a 2 years old boy. The case of a 2 years old child with proboscoid umbilical hernia. The protruding umbilical skin was excised sharply by two V-shaped cuts leaving two half cones, a short cephalic (0.5cm) and a long caudal (1cm). A classic herniotomy was carried out, with repair of the facial defect. The caudal half cone was sutured from its apex till half it's length upon itself with interrupted sutures and it was anchored deeply to the fascia. Then we inverted the cephalic half cone which was sutured to the caudal cone to form the new umbilicus. The early result was excellent with no complications and the result after 2years revealed a  cosmetically satisfactory shape of the umbilicus. this technique provides a good solution for reconstruction of the protruding umbilical skin and it is easy to learn, easy to be taught and perform in surgical environments and may be applicable for any kind of umbilical reconstruction.

Key words: Double half-cone flap, proboscoid umbilical hernia, umbilicoplasty


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eISSN: 1937-8688