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Videocapsule retention: role of surgical treatment (a case report)

Rachid Boufettal
Yassine Fahmi
Saad Rifki Jai
Farid Chehab


Video capsule endoscopy (VCE) is a safe innovative tool for investigating obscure gastrointestinal diseases. The capsule is usually excreted with faeces within 24-48 h. Retention of capsule rarely occurs, and it usually  depends on the indication of VCE. Retention may long remain asymptomatic or manifest as subocclusif  syndrome. Acute complications of retention are very rare but can be life-threatening illness. Surgical approach is considered effective to retrieve the retained capsule, treat the pathology responsible and prevent acute  complications. We report the case of a 30 years old patient, followed for Crohn’s disease. She received during  the assessment reviewed by VCE that has been held for three months. The retention caused subocclusif  symptoms of which had needed surgically procedure. Treatment consisted of remove the VCE and repair of stenosis of small bowel by stricturoplasty.

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eISSN: 1937-8688