Amniotic band syndrom at Bobo Dioulasso university teaching hospital (Burkina- Faso): about two cases

  • Cyprien Zaré
  • Ibrahim Alain Traoré
  • Patrick Wendpuoiré Hamed Dakouré
  • Salif Gandéma
  • Bakary Gustave Sano
  • Lazard Bouma Bénao
  • Hermann Belemlilga
  • Nassirou Yabré
Keywords: Amniotic band syndrom, surgery, birth defects


Amniotic band syndrome is a rare congenital disorder. The authors report the first cases documented at Souro Sanou University Hospital in Bobo- Dioulasso (CHUSS) in 2 male new borns. The malformations found at birth, were worn only on limbs and were in the form of skin furrow necking with a major lymphedema downstream. In both cases, the constriction furrow at member pelvic was associated with a club foot and a pseudosyndactyly in one case. Surgical treatment consisted of a section of the constrictor ring and a Z-plasty. The functional outcome was satisfactory with the acquisition of a plantar support for both children. Through these two observations, epidemiological, diagnostic, and particularities of the management of this condition are discussed in the Burkina-Faso.

Key words: Amniotic band syndrom, surgery, birth defects


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eISSN: 1937-8688