Les accidents de cyclomoteurs: mécanismes lésionnels

  • Leila Mnif
  • Rim Sellami
  • Jawaher Masmoudi
Keywords: Leigh syndrome, psychiatric disorders, schizophrenia


Leigh syndrome is a mitochondrial encephalomyopathy that occurs due to "cytochrome c oxidase deficiency". Few psychiatric disorders have been defined that are associated with Leigh syndrome. The objective of this work is to study relations between mitochondrial dysfunction and psychiatric disorders. It was a 20 year old male patient, who received Modopar, for severe extra pyramidal symptoms caused by Leigh syndrome. He developed, four months ago, acute psychotic symptoms such as audio-visual hallucinations, persecution and mystic delirium. The cerebral MRI has shown signal abnormalities in central grey nucleus. The EEG recording and blood test were normal. The hypothesis of drug induced psychiatric disorders (Modopar) was possible. The evolution under atypical antipsychotic was only partial. In this case, the cerebrospinal fluid and lactate levels mean that mitochondria were not an overall explanation for these psychiatric disorders but may at least play a partial role. Psychiatric disorders may just be acomorbidity.

Key words: Leigh syndrome, psychiatric disorders, schizophrenia


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eISSN: 1937-8688