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Axillary apocrine carcinoma skin: report of a case

Karima Issara, Zakaria Youbi, Nezha Tawfiq, Zohour Boughaleb, Zineb Bouchbika, Nadia Benchakroun, Hassan Jouhadi, Souha Sahraoui, Abdellatif Benider


The cutaneous apocrine carcinomas are malignant tumors rare adnexal, slowly and preferably located in the axillary growth. A girl aged 24 with no particular medical history was addressed to a right axillary mass slowly evolving for two years, associated with pain in the right upper limb. The echo mammogram had shown a mass in the axilla and supraclavicular and axillary MRI had objectified mass axillary measuring 171mm. Pathological examination with immunostaining was in favor of apocrine carcinoma. The cutaneous apocrine carcinomas are well-known in the mammary glands, but it is difficult to morphologically distinguish between breast cancer and apocrine carcinoma.

Pan African Medical Journal 2016; 2
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