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Desmoid tumors: clinical features and treatment options: a case report and a review of literature

Amel Achour Jenayah, Hajer Bettaieb, Sarra Saoudi, Anissa Gharsa, Ezzeddine Sfar, Fethia Boudaya, Dalenda Chelli


Desmoid tumors are a rare group of locally aggressive, non malignant tumors of fibroblastic origin that can lead to significant morbidity due to local invasion and may even result in a fatal outcome when located around vital organs. Their clinical presentation, biological behavior and natural history can be quite varied and is incompletely understood at the present time. The optimal therapeutic approach depends on various factors, and a multidisciplinary approach is necessary to achieve local control with acceptable morbidity. Despite progress in the understanding of these tumors and the treatment options, local recurrence remains a major problem.

Pan African Medical Journal 2015; 21
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