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Hydatidose de la loge des adducteurs de la cuisse: un cas rare dans la littérature

Adil El Alaoui
Amine Mezzani


Hydatid disease, in humans, usually affects the liver and lungs (85% of cases). The involvement of the soft parts is exceptional. We report a rare case of hydatid cyst of the adductor lodge of the thigh in a 42-year old patient of rural extraction having prolonged exposure to dogs. The patient presented with inguinal pain of 6 months duration associated with swellings in the internal face of the right thigh, gradually increasing in volume, evolving into a state of apyrexia and conservation of his general condition. After 3 months: the pain became an inflammatory pain causing insomnia. It was associated with the appearance of fistulas at the level of masses discharging whitish vesicles (A, B). Biological examination revealed hypereosinophilia. The patient underwent MRI that objectified presence of many hydatid cysts in the adductors lodge of the right thigh (C, D). Pathology results of excisional biopsy of the cysts and of the remaining membranes (E, F) were suggestive of hydatid disease of the thigh. Surgical treatment was followed by medical treatment with Albendazol for 28 days with good clinical and radiological evolution.

The Pan African Medical Journal 2016;24

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eISSN: 1937-8688