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Hypoxemia after pneumothorax exsufflation: a case report

William Ngatchou, Gildas-paulin Yondou Sandjo, Daniel Lemogoum, Pierre Youatou, Ahmed Sabry Ramadan, Regis Sontou, Maimouna Bol Alima, Alain Plumaker, Virginie Guimfacq, Pierre Mols, Michèle Ngassa


We describe a 36-year-old patient who was admitted to the emergency ward for acute dyspnea due to a spontaneous pneumothorax. He was successfully drained but shortly after presented a severe hypoxemia due to pulmonary oedema secondary to pulmonary re-expansion. The physiopathology behind this complication is still unknown. We will try to describe this complication and its predictive factors.

Keywords: Pneumothorax, re-expansion, oedema, hypoxemia
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