Right congenital diaphragmatic hernia associated with abnormality of the liver in adult

  • Gezahen Negusse Ayane
  • Mikel Walsh
  • Jemal Shifa
  • Kadimo Khutsafalo


A Bochdalek hernia (BH) occurs when abdominal contents herniate through the postero-lateral segment of the diaphragm. The right side is affected considerably less commonly than the left. Most BHs present are diagnosed early in life, with some element of cardio-respiratory distress. Rarely, hernias that remain clinically silent until adulthood when they present as life-threatening surgical emergencies. We report a case 35 year old female who emergency exploratory laparotomy for a complete mechanical bowel obstruction. At surgery the redundant transverse colon was twisted and incarcerated within the right hemithorax, creating a closed loop obstruction. The right colon, appendix, terminal ilium, and three accessories right liver lobes were also dragged into the right thoracic cavity. After reducing the hernia, the diaphragmatic defect was primarily repaired with non-absorbable suture. The redundant transvers colon which had been compromised was resected and primary end-to- end anastomosis was carried out. Incidental appendectomy was done. The patient was sent into ICU for post-operative monitoring. She made an uneventful recovery and remains asymptomatic at nine month follow-up. I discuss what i  believe to be the first case report of complicated right diaphragmatic hernia in Botswana, associated with another congenital mal-formation (accessories hepatic lobes, partial mal-rotation, and redundant transvers colon) in adult.

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eISSN: 1937-8688