Premarital sexual practice and its predictors among university students: institution based cross sectional study

  • Mohammed Akibu
  • Fiseha Gebresellasie
  • Fitsum Zekarias
  • Wintana Tsegaye
Keywords: Predictors, premarital sexual practice, sexual debut, university students


Introduction: Adolescents are susceptible to different social, peer and cultural pressures that Drives them into earlier sexual experimentation. Despite the fact that delaying sexual activity until marriage reduces the spread of HIV/AIDS and various sexually transmitted infections (STI), sexual activities among youths have been reported to be increasing worldwide.

Methods: Institution Based cross-sectional survey was conducted between January 2016 to March 2016. A total of 604 students were included in the study using multi-stage sampling technique. Mixed Quantitative and Qualitative approach was applied. Bivariate and multivariate logistic regression model was fitted to identify factors associated with premarital sexual practice.

Results: The proportion of premarital sexual practice in the study area was found to be 54.3%. The mean age of first sexual debut was 18.7±1.96. Half (50.6%) of these sexual activities were performed because of student's interest to meet their sexual desire. Being Male, watching pornography and High academic performance were the factors significantly associated with premarital sexual practice.

Conclusion: The study had revealed that more than half of the participants were sexually active. Being male, watching pornography and high academic performance were predictors of premarital sexual practice. Therefore, Institute of Medicine and health science, gender office and HIV resource center have to organize different programs targeting at bringing behavioral change to minimize the prevailing prevalence of premarital sexual practice as well as its common consequences.

Keywords: Predictors, premarital sexual practice, sexual debut, university students


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