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Bilateral ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma in a teenager: a case report

Timothy Abiola Oluwasola
Rukiyat Adeola Abdus-Salam
Clement Abu Okolo
Akin-Tunde Ademola Odukogbe


Epithelial ovarian cancers are uncommon among young girls and teenagers  compared to germ cell tumors. We report a case of bilateral ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma in a teenage girl with the attendant challenges of diagnosis, management and follow up. HT, 19 year old had presented at a secondary care level with features suggestive of benign ovarian tumor and had ovariectomy done. However, histology report revealed a malignant epithelial cancer, necessitating a repeat exploration. She was found to have surgical stage 3c disease and subsequently has total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingectomies, right oophorectomy and omentectomy. She was further managed with  paclitaxelcarboplatin combination chemotherapy but defaulted after the 3rd cycle on account of financial constraints. She succumbed to the disease 11
months post diagnosis. Though uncommon, detailed evaluation of teenage patients for malignant ovarian cancer is expedient. The financial burden of cancer care in our environment is also highlighted.

Key words: Adolescent, ovarian epithelial cancer, ovariectomy, serous cystadenocarcinoma

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eISSN: 1937-8688