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Developed diplopia due to a pituitary macroadenoma during pregnancy

Houda Ennaifer, Manel Jemel, Hejer Kandar, Wafa Grira, Ines Kammoun, Leila Ben Salem


Physiologic pituitary enlargement is common during normal pregnancy. However, symptoms such as diplopia, blurred vision and headache resulting from physiologic pituitary enlargement are very rare during pregnancy. A 43-year-old woman complained of sudden headache and left eye ptosis at 36th weeks of gestation. An magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated the pituitary enlargement and a macroadenoma without a compressing of the optic chiasm, but with an extension to the left cavernous sinus. 48 hours after the prescription of the bromocriptine, we had a spectacular evolution with disappearance of the headache and a total regression of the ptosis. We report a case of visual loss due to the physiologic pituitary enlargement or to the macroadenoma during pregnancy, which regressed after the prescription of bromocroptine.

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