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Can training of health care workers improve data management practice in health management information systems: a case study of primary health care facilities in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Bilkisu Nwankwo, Mohammed Nasir Sambo


Introduction: Reliable and accurate public health information is essential for monitoring, evaluating and improving the delivery of healthcare services. The objective of this study was to assess the effect of training health care workers on data management practice in health management information systems in primary health care (PHC) centers in Kaduna state.

Methods: The study was quasi-experimental with baseline, intervention and end point components. It was carried out in two local government areas, a study and a control. Eleven PHC facilities were selected in each LGA. The intervention was carried out among 76 PHC workers in the study LGA. Data were collected using a health facility checklist and a focused group discussion (FGD) guide. Data analysis was done using SPSS version 20.0 and statistical significance of the difference between baseline and end-line data were determined using chi-square or fisher's exact test where applicable at p < 0.05.

Results: There was a statistically significant increase in completeness of reporting (p = 0.02), overall accuracy rate (p < 0.001), timeliness rate of reporting (p = <0.001) and feedback (p = 0.012). No improvement was found in the control group. During the baseline FGDs, PHC workers in both study and control LGAs expressed difficulty in filling registers/forms, data analysis and use of data. At end point, those in the study LGA said their practice had improved but those in the control LGA still expressed difficulty in data management.

Conclusion: Health management information system training achieved an improvement in the data management practice of PHC workers. In-service training and re-training should be done to improve data management practice of health workers.

Keywords: Data management, practice, healthcare workers, training

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