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Estimation des valeurs normales de l’hémogramme à Marrakech: étude préliminaire au CHU Med VI de Marrakech

Dounya Bounid, Khalil Haouach


Introduction: The full blood count (FBC) is one of the most commonly requested and useful test in common medical practices. Abnormalities can indicate the presence of many disorders. A correct interpretation is then essential to guide the diagnosis. This study aims to determine the reference ranges for full blood count (FBC) in a population of healthy adults in the city of Marrakech.

Methods: We conducted a study analysis of 500 full blood count (FBC) data from adult donors at the Center for blood transfusion Ibn Tofail in Marrakech. The samples were analyzed using XE-5000 automated hematology system and the results were analyzed using SPSS statistical software.

Results: Reference values obtained: white blood cells 3,9.103/ μl - 10,23.103/ μl (women) and 5,11.103/ μl -9,99.103/ μl (men); neutrophils 1,53.103/ μl - 6,05.103/ μl (women) and 1,56.103/ μl - 5,97.103/ μl (men); lymphocytes 1,28.103/ μl - 3,72.103/ μl (women) and 1,17.103/ μl - 3,69.103/ μl (men); hemoglobin 12,94-14,7g/dl (women) and 11,77-18,17g/dl (men); platelets 132.103/ μl - 384.103/ μl (women) and 140.103/ μl -356.103/ μl (men).

Conclusion: Study data provide preliminary reference ranges for full blood count (FBC) in our study population which could be used to guide the treatment of patients and the interpretation of clinical trial results and which could potentially improve the quality of clinical care provided to patients.

Keywords: Reference values, blood cell count, Marrakech
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