Stress among Mansoura (Egypt) baccalaureate nursing students

  • AM Amr
  • AH El-Gilany
  • H El-Moafee
  • L Salama
  • C Jimenez
Keywords: Nursing students, stress, Depression, Anxiety, Arab culture, Egypt


Background: Over the last years, details regarding levels of stress and sources of stress have emerged in studies of nursing students in Western population To date, there only few similar reports on clinical stress, anxiety, depression among the Arab population .This study was conducted to examine the level of perceived stress among baccalaureate Mansoura nursing students and to highlight the possible predicting factors. Methods: In this cross- sectional study, Data were obtained from 373 students using a self-administered questionnaire, including questions on sociodemographics, list of possible stressors, perceived stress, physical wellbeing factors, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Results: Prevalence of high stress level, anxiety and depression were 40.2%, 46.6% and 27.9%, respectively. On average each student reported a mean of 4.6 stressors and academic pressures were the most frequent stressors .In regression analysis the number of stressors and global sickness index score were predictors of high stress level. Conclusion: These findings call for introduction of stress management programs and psychiatric care into nursing health services of the University.

Key words: Nursing students, stress, Depression, Anxiety, Arab culture, Egypt


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eISSN: 1937-8688