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Internal supravesical hernia - a rare cause of intestinal obstruction: report of two cases

M Bouassida
S Sassi
H Touinsi
H Kallel
MM Mighri
F Chebbi
MB Ali
K Bouzeidi
S Sassi


Supravesical hernias develop at the supravesical fossa between the remnants of the urachus and the left or right umbilical artery. They are exceptional and are often the cause of intestinal obstruction. We report two cases of surgically proven internal supravesical hernias presenting with small bowel obstruction. Abdominal computed tomography showed, for our first case, the relation of the incarcerated intestine anterior to and compressing the urinary bladder. We believe that the preoperative diagnosis of supravesical hernia by abdominal computed tomography is possible, as shown in our first case.