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Giant cystic lymphangioma of the mesentery: varied clinical presentation of 3 cases

Mohamed Rami, Abdelhalim Mahmoudi, Aziz El Madi, Khalid Khattala, Moulay Abderrahmane Afifi, Youssef Bouabdallah


Giant cystic lymphangioma is an uncommon mesenteric tumor which is usually reported in children. In this paper, we describe 3 cases, that was admitted in our department, two with abdominal distension, pain, and an abdominopelvic mass; the other present an acute abdomen. Preoperative studies including abdominal ultrasonography and computed tomography failed to determine the cause of the pain for the female patients. The laparotomy found a giant cystic tumor of the small bowel mesentery. The histological study showed a tumor that was diagnosed as a cystic lymphangioma. Based on those three cases a review of the literature is suggested.

Pan African Medical Journal 2012; 12:7

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