Entero-utero-vaginal fistula: a rare complication of unsafe abortion

  • SA Uzoigwe
  • JM Adotey
  • D Seleye-Fubara


Background: Pregnancy whether wanted or not poses significant risks for women especially in developing countries with wide spread ignorance,  poverty and limited facilities. Unsafe abortion exposes them to increased morbidity and mortality.

Aim: To report a case of entero-utero-vaginal fistula in a teenager following unsafe abortion.

Setting: University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital , Port Harcourt.

Case report: A 17-year-old secondary school girl who terminated a mid trimester pregnancy with unskilled health providers is presented. Her  uterus  and  a  loop  of  small   bowel  were perforated leading to leakage of faeces through

the uterus and vagina. She had a laparotomy for the repair of the perforated uterus and resection and end-to-end anastomosis of the damaged small bowel. She was discharged in a satisfactory state but with enormous social and financial post abortion care.

Conclusion: This case highlights the need for continued emphasis on preventing unsafe abortion, abstinence, contraceptive services and access to safe abortion.


 Key words: Unsafe abortion, Entero-utero-vaginal fistula


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eISSN: 0795-3038