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Production and characterization of pectinases obtained from Aspergillus fumigatus in submerged fermentation system using pectin extracted from mango peels as carbon source

AL Ezugwu, SOO Eze, FC Chilaka, CU Anyanwu


Pectinase was obtained from Aspergillus fumigatus in a submerged  fermentation system using pectin extracted mango peels as a carbon source and subjected to a two step purification system of 80% ammonium sulphate saturation and dialysis. Pectin was also extracted from mango peels and its extraction yield was found to be 17% at pH 2.2, temperature of 70¢ªC and extraction time of 1h. The protein concentration in the crude enzyme was found to be 1.372mg/ml. The specific activity of crude  enzyme is 11.20¥ìmole/min/mg. After 80% ammonium sulphate  precipitation and dialysis, the specific activities were 11.78¥ìmole/min/mg and 34.60¥ìmole/min/mg respectively. The maximal activity of A. fumigatus pectinase was at 40¢ªC, pH 5.5 and was heat stable up to 40¢ªC.Vmax and Km values were found to be of 625¥ìmole/min and 45.5mg/ml respectively. The pectinase was used to degrade pectins extracted from orange and pineapple peels and its specific activities were found to be 30U/mg and 28.39U/mg respectively as compared to 34.60U/mg which is the specific activity obtained when pectin extracted from dry mango peels was used.

Key words: Mango peels, pectinase, pectin, Aspergillu fumigatus, submerged fermentation.

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