Micro-Economic Estimation On The Demand Function For Prostitution In Adamawa State

  • IB Iya


The article focused on the estimation of the prostitution demand behaviour in Adamawa State. An econometric model was specified based on economic theory and confronted with both primary and secondary data. Ordinary least square multiple regression techniques were adopted and the linear model was chosen as a lead equation. The study revealed that price of prostitution, income level, family size, educational level and marital status influence women decision into prostitution. It was, however, also observed that age was discovered that the price elasticities of demand for prostitution are -. 81 i.e. prostitution as a normal goods. And family size and commercial women elasticities were 1.10 and 57 respectively. The paper however, recommends that grass root economic development strategies that will empower household economically be pursuit vigorously since it was established that determinants of prostitution are poverty-driven.

International Journal of Policy and Development Studies Vol. 3 2007: pp. 50-53

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eISSN: 0795-0632