Integer partitions into diophantine pairs

  • F. Bencherif
  • N Benyahia-Tani
  • S Bouroubi
  • O Kiehl
  • Z Yahi
Keywords: Integer partitions, Diophantine pairs, τ (n), qD(n, m), 2),


Let n, a and b be positive integers. The pair (a; b) is called an integer partition of n into Diophantine pair if n = a+b, ab+1 is a perfect square and a > b. In this paper we give, for any positive integer n, a closed formula for the number of integer partitions into Diophantine pairs.

Mathematics Subject Classication (2010): Primary 05A17; Secondary 11P83.

Key words: Integer partitions, Diophantine pairs, τ (n), qD(n;m), qD(n; 2):


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eISSN: 1727-933X
print ISSN: 1607-3606