The political vision of the Rwandan kingdom

  • Charles Kabwete Mulinda
  • Raphael Nkaka
Keywords: Kingdom, vision, ritual, mission, military


This article discusses the political vision of pre-colonial Rwanda. The authors used oral traditions as privileged sources of the history of pre-colonial Rwanda. Such vision is spotted by means of the analysis of declarations and decisions of the kings of Rwanda where it is possible to identify a net formulation of the political vision. In this regard, the article is focusing on the reforms of ubwiru as formulated by King Mutara Semugeshi. Indeed, these reforms have clearly defined the missions of the kings according to their regnal names during the regular cycles. The authors also have examined through the power management of the kings of Rwanda some elements of political vision. Therefore, it is clear that Rwanda had a conquering vision, a unifying vision and a power sharing vision. These are the visions that guided the daily life during the reigns. The authors conclude that the ideal of the political leaders of pre-colonial Rwanda was to control a wide Rwanda, militarily poweful, populous, economically rich and unified.

Key words : Kingdom, vision, ritual, mission, military


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print ISSN: 2305-2678