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A literature review of mammalian research respective to the Akagera ecosystem in Rwanda

P Sun
J.D. Bariyanga
T Wronski


The Akagera NP (and the Mutara GR) in north-eastern Rwanda are considered part of the most complex and biodiversity rich savannah ecosystem in eastern Africa. Following the violent past of Rwanda, the park has recovered from civil war, poaching and overgrazing, counting today more than 12,000 large mammals. Since proclamation in 1934, a wealth of ecological research was carried in these protected areas. This literature review summarizes the available literature and puts it into a historical context, compiling more than 90 books, book chapters, and journal articles but also unpublished theses and reports respective to the ecology and conservation of mammals.

Keywords: literature review, Akagera ecosystem, conservation history, mammals

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print ISSN: 2305-2678