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Assessing the Contribution of Educational Non-Government Organizations to Teachers’ Professional Development in Secondary Schools in Nyabihu District, Rwanda

Emmanuel Simpeze
Vincent Manirakiza
Dan Imaniriho


Teachers’ Professional development is crucial to meet educational changes. This study analyses the way it shaped teachers’ practices in Secondary  schools of Rwanda from the case study of Nyabihu District through coaching and mentoring program. The qualitative and quantitative methods were  used to get data by using the questionnaire and the interview. The population was 79 teachers trained in the program .The purposive sampling was used  to get 39 trained and 39 not trained teachers in program. The findings revealed that secondary school teachers do not maximize the benefits that accrue  from the program. This is due to challenges: lack of time, language barrier, school leadership influence and weak interaction between the teachers. It  revealed that 91.1% of the trained teachers on program used Continuous professional Development (CPD) activities in teaching practices while only  19.3% of non- trained teachers use them. The study recommends that teachers’ CPD activities should be given time and all teachers should be trained on  Educational Coaching and Mentoring.

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eISSN: 2312-9239