Status of implementation of Inclusive Education in Tanzania: Analysis of Policies, Laws and Guidelines

  • Francis William Kyambo
  • January Marco Basela
  • Alphoncina Pembe
  • Marcella Deluca


This study reviewed policies, laws, and guidelines to assess the extent to which they address the education of children with disabilities. The objectives  were to assess whether or not their content, context, and actors’ involvement acknowledges education as the right of children with disabilities. The  process involved a systematic review of seven documents. It was found that the reviewed policies acknowledge education as the right of children with  disabilities. Nevertheless, the content lacked emphasis on enforcement mechanisms, budgetary allocations, and clear strategies relating to monitoring  and information management systems. The policies, laws, and guidelines were prepared in a participatory manner through representation from the  grassroots to the national level. The study concludes that education for children with disabilities in Tanzania is addressed well through the reviewed  documents. It is recommended that implementation to be done in tandem with the acts and conventions on the rights of Children with disabilities.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2312-9239