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Factors that Hinder Parents from the Communicating of Sexual Matters with Adolescents in Rwanda

E Bushaija
FX Sunday
D Asingizwe
R Olayo
B Abong’o


Parent-adolescent communication about sexual matters is one of the means that encourages adolescents to adopt responsible sexual behaviour. However, parents do not discuss sexual matters with adolescents and those who discuss to some extent; little information about sexuality is provided. This study, was, therefore aimed to find out the factors that hindered parents from communicating with their adolescent children on sexual matters. A descriptive, cross sectional study employing both quantitative and qualitative approaches was utilized. Simple random sampling was used to select households of parents/caretakers with adolescents and face to face interviews were used to collect data in February 2011. Out of 388 respondents, majority (81%) reported that they do not discuss sexual matters with the adolescents due to socio-demographic, cultural, individual and socio-environmental factors/barriers. Being male (p=0.04), parents’ age over 44 years (OR< 1 at 95% CI), lower levels of education (≤primary) and income (farming and remittance) was significantly associated with “not communicating” sexual matters with the adolescents (p<0.05). These findings strengthen the need for continued sensitization of parents/caretakers to involve themselves in discussing sexual matters with the adolescents. Furthermore, guidance of parents/caretakers on how to approach the subject of sexuality and sustenance of discussions with the adolescents is paramount.

Key words: Communication, Sexual matters, Parents/ Caretakers, Adolescents

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