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Condom Use and Number of Sexual Partners among Secondary School Female Students in an Urban City of Cameroon

EE Tarkang


Background: Although some studies in Cameroon have addressed the issue of condom use and multiple sexual partners separately, the association between multiple sexual partnership and condom use is limited.

Objectives: This study examines information on the association between condom use and number of sexual partners among female students in an urban city of Cameroon.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional design was adopted, using a self-administered questionnaire to collect data from a probability sample of 210 female students. Statistics were calculated using SPSS version 20 software program.

Results: About 56.2% were sexually active, some of whom had multiple sexual partners. Condom use was low. Condom use was significantly negatively associated with multiple sexual partners, with respondents reporting multiple sexual partners less likely to use condoms.

Conclusion: The proportion of female students who engage in multiple sexual partners without using condoms are at risk of HIV transmission. Sexuality education and a friendly environment for condom availability are key in addressing the risky sexual behaviours of female students.

Key words: Cameroon, condom use, HIV/AIDS, multiple sexual partners, secondary school female students

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