Teaching information literacy in Nigerian universities using advanced technologies

  • Adeyinka Tella
Keywords: Advanced information technologies, information literacy, information literacy teaching, teaching methodologies, Nigerian universities


Rationale of Study – The study examined the use of advanced technologies in teaching information literacy in Nigerian universities. The specific objectives of the study were to identify the old methods of teaching information literacy in the Nigerian universities; identity the old contents and the new ones to be added; determine the advanced technologies that are used or that will be used to teach information literacy; identify the challenges associated with using new methods introduced due to the advancement in technology or the emergence of the fourth industrial era; and determine the way forward to teaching information literacy in the future.
Methodology – The study adopted a qualitative approach. Five universities in Nigeria were purposively sampled for the study. Observations, document analysis, and a review of the literature were conducted. The curriculum for information literacy courses and library instructions in Nigerian universities were reviewed. This was to determine the old contents and methods used to teach them and the new ones through a review of recent literature on the most recent technological advancement currently influencing the information literacy teaching methods in universities.
Findings – The findings revealed that the traditional face-to-face teaching method is the most common method used by most universities in Nigeria to teach information literacy instruction. It is currently complemented by technological tools such as tablets and Google classroom. Power failure, inadequate access to laptops, tablets, and Android phones, and inadequate funding are challenges associated with using advanced technology to teach information literacy.
Implications – The findings of this study can be used to improve the impact of information literacy programmes in academic libraries in Nigeria, the sub-Saharan Africa and beyond using advanced technologies.
Originality – This is an original study which explores modernised approaches to teaching information literacy in academic libraries in Nigeria.


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eISSN: 2412-6535