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Adult colocolic intussusception and lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage due to a colonic lipoma

J. Ntezamizero
E. Hategekimana
E. I. Ineza
I. Mutimamwiza
F. Ndabishimiye


Colonic intussusception is a rare complication of colonic lipoma. This study presents an unusual
case of a symptomatic lipoma of the transverse colon, causing colonic intussusception and
lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage. A 53 year-old female was admitted to Bushenge Provincial
Hospital, Rwanda, with episodes of intermittent pain, vomiting, and bloody mucoid stool. Physical
examination revealed a distended abdomen, tenderness and bloody mucous from the rectum.
Ultrasonography revealed a target sign suggestive of intussusception. The patient underwent
segmental resection of the transverse colon, and histopathology analysis of the specimen revealed
a lipoma. The patient was followed up for a year and 8 months after the resection and remained
healthy. This study serves as a guide for the management of complicated colonic lipoma, especially
in resource-limited settings.

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eISSN: 2410-8626