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Assessment of soil quality in a crude oil impacted site in Aguobiri, Bayelsa state

A. O. Egai
O. I. Imasuen


Soil quality in Aguobiri was determined to assess its suitability for agriculture. Twelve (12) soil samples were obtained in three different locations with the help of a hand auger. The heavy metals were determined using the atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) using thermo-electron AA series. Geochemical investigation involving physiochemical, heavy metals, and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPC) were analysed in the area. SPSS 16.0 version statistical software was used to analyse the soil results. ANOVA was performed at 95% 0.05 significant levels in order to check the variational trend between the impacted sites and the non- impacted area. The results indicated significant difference in the concentration of Pb2+, TPC, Zn2+, CEC and Cu2+ in the impacted area compared to non-impacted site and established standard. The results also show that most of the parameters exceeded the background values and natural concentration in the soil at the impacted sites, which implies pollution. Hence, effective bioremediation is strongly recommended for detoxification of the soil in the area.

Key words: Soil Quality, Assessment, Crude Oil Impacted, Bioremediation, Detoxification

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