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Determination of heavy metals in water sediments and Tilapia zilli from Kolo-Creek, Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

A Ebenezer
Y Eremasi


The study investigated the heavy metal concentration in Tilapia zilli and water sediments along Kolo Creek in Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State. Tilapia fish and sediment samples were collected from 5 stations, and analyzed for heavy metals following standard procedures. Four metals (Copper, Lead. Cadmium and Nickel) were recovered with increasing order of mean concentration as follows; Cu > Pb > Cd > Ni. Copper was significantly more abundant in the sediments, gills and muscle tissues than other element with mean concentration of 10. 73-16.61mg /kg, 3.32 -5.20mg/kg and 2.48-4.89mg/kg respectively. Except for Ni, other metals were more abundant in the gills than in the muscle tissues. Positive correlation matrix of the elements highlights a common origin. The concentration of these metals exceeded the maximum internationally allowable tolerance limits in drinking water, suggesting that Kolo Creek water is polluted and calls for prompt interventions.

Keywords: Heavy metals, Sediments, Tilapia, Kolo-Creek, Bayelsa State

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