Random noise characterization on the carrying capacities of a complex species interaction in a harsh Ogoni ecosystem

  • E.N. Ekaka-a


The process of the survival of species dependent on a limited resource in a polluted environment which isnot a new idea can be described by the technique of a  mathematical modelling. We have utilised the technique of a numerical simulation to study the impact of environmental random noise on the carrying capacities of a  mathematical model of survival of species dependent on a resource in a polluted environment such as the Ogoni devastated ecosystem. The computational method of tackling this scientific problem is based on the fact that such a harsh ecosystem is characteristically stochastic and can be said to be heterogeneous as in most  ecosystem scenarios. Arelatively lower random noise intensity is associated with a lesser proportion of the carrying capacity that is destroyed in contrast to a severe random noise intensity that produces a bigger impact on the carrying capacity. Since environmental pollution and other inherent toxicant-type inhibiting extrinsic factors can affect the Ogoni ecosystem simultaneously, we propose some sort of a sustainable mitigation strategy that is capable of providing a long term solution to the impact of crude oil pollution on the Ogoni ecosystem.

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eISSN: 1118-1931
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