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Damage and loss assessment of fire incidents in Ovia North East Local Government Area, south-south Nigeria (2010-2015)

K.O. Ojo, B.J. Akpan


Increasingly, public and residential buildings have been subjected to electrical inferno particularly in recent times, and several lives and properties have been endangered in the process. In this study, the damages and losses incurred during electrical inferno in Ovia North East local Government Area from 2010-2015 have been carefully assessed. Documented and recorded information obtained from the University of Benin Fire Service Department were analyzed using the qualitative research method and was employed to determine the properties lost-saved ratio and the lives lost-saved ratio. This served as a measure of loss prevention and control during electrical inferno in the region. The dynamics of fire evolution and the constraints of fire fighting in the region were examined. Conclusively, possible safety measures to curb the menace of electrical inferno were drawn up and a step by step guide on how these measures can be achieved was recommended.

Keywords: Electrical Inferno, Properties Lost, Lives Lost

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