South African Journal of Child Health

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Human born with a tail: A case report

AH Sarmast, HI Showkat, SF Mir, SR Ahmad, AR Bhat, AR Kirmani


Context. e dorsal cutaneous appendage, or so-called human tail, is often considered to be a cutaneous marker of underlying occult spinal
dysraphism. Human tails have always elicited curiosity. A unique case of human dysraphism is described.
Case report. An interesting case of a child with a tail-like caudal appendage that had been present since birth is reported. Surgical excision
of a pseudo-tail was done together with repair of a meningocele.
Conclusion. Before any form of treatment for a caudal appendage is undertaken, the patient must be evaluated carefully in case it coexists
with a lesion of the intraspinal component.
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