Nutrition in children posttransplantation

  • E.A Goddard


Nutrition support is a vitally important issue in the pretransplantation period. Once a child has been assessed and placed on a list for transplantation the child must see a dietitian to optimise the child’s nutritional status as this is vital to improve the outcome at surgery. Children with chronic liver disease who are candidates for transplantation have a better posttransplant outcome and growth potential if their nutrition is optimised pretransplantation. Well monitored nutritional support posttransplantation improves the long-term quality of life by minimising the complications associated with transplantation. An interdisciplinary approach to nutritional care of a transplant recipient involving the expertise of paediatricians, surgeons, dietitians and nursing staff is essential to optimise the outcome of these patients.


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eISSN: 2078-6204
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