Cervical ectopic pregnancy: Mersilene tape in surgical management

  • A A Bamigboye
  • O A Ojo


In view of the rarity of cervical ectopic gestation and the potentially high morbidity that may be associated with its presentation and management, we report management of a case of cervical ectopic pregnancy using cervical cerclage with Mersilene tape as an intervention to reduce intraoperative haemorrhage during evacuation. The 36-year-old woman had a classic diagnosis of cervical ectopic pregnancy made in the consulting room with a transvaginal ultrasound examination. Evacuation with suction curettage was performed, and brisk bleeding was arrested with Mersilene tape. Placing a cervical cerclage is a relatively easy procedure to perform and may prevent major intraoperative bleeding, thereby minimising the risk of a major surgical procedure.


eISSN: 2305-8862