Non-palpable and difficult contraceptive implant removals: The New Somerset Hospital referral-clinic experience

  • G.A. Petro


Subdermal contraceptive implants are one method of long-acting reversible contraception. Implanon NXT provides contraception for 3 years, and Jadelle for 5 years. Women are advised to have the implant removed or replaced once the expiry date has been reached. The implants are easy to remove through a small opening in the skin. In a small proportion of women the implant will not be palpable or, very rarely, may have migrated. Non-palpable and migrated implants can be removed in an outpatient setting, by doctors who are specially trained and have access to ultrasound and special instruments. This article describes the specialist referral clinic for deep and difficult contraceptive implant removals at a regional hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.


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