Nietzsche: Perspektivisme, agonistiese pluralisme, en die wil tot mag. (Nietzsche: Perspectivism, agonistic pluralism, and will to power).

  • Marinus Schoeman Departement Filosofie Universiteit van Pretoria Pretoria 0002 Suid- Afrika


Nietzsche's philosophy of life-affirmation and perspectivism is often charged with skeptical relativism and a seemingly unsurmountable problem of self-referentiality that necessarily leads to a “performative contradiction” (Habermas). While the charge of skeptical relativism can be easily dismissed, the problem of self-reference is a much more complicated affair. After discussing certain aspects of Nietzsche's perspectivism, and particularly those texts in which he explicitly deals with the issue of self-referentiality, I come to the conclusion that Nietzsche's various judgements and his perspectivism can be sustained without succumbing to the charge of self-referential inconsistency. S. Afr. J. Philos. Vol.22(4) 2003: 348-360

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eISSN: 0258-0136