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The short-term effect of Kinesio tape application on running speed, agility and plyometric performance in amateur soccer players

Maria E. Cochrane
Felix S. Nkuna
Muhammad A. Dawood


Soccer is a physically demanding team sport requiring players to run fast, perform multiple changes in direction and jump, among other skills. Soccer players with optimal running speed, agility and plyometric abilities are more likely to be selected for team participation, as they will have enhanced on- thefield performance. Various exercise and rehabilitation protocols exist to ensure optimal player performance, but none focus on the immediate effect  of Kinesio tape (Kinesio Holding Corporation, Albuquerque, NM, USA) on the stabilising muscles of the lower limb to influence important basic soccer  skills.A one-group pre-test–post-test quasi-experimental design was used. Thirty-three male university-level soccer players aged 18–35 years with no  history of lower limb surgery were included. Baseline testing was performed using the vertical jump test,Modified Illinois Change of Direction test and a  timed 50-metre sprint. After a rest period of 1–4 days, the participants were strapped with Kinesio tape and the post-test, using the same objective  measures, was conducted.Pre- and posttest analysis was performed using paired student t-test. Improvement was observed for running speed (p≤0.001,  SD: 0.685), agility (p≤0.001; SD: 2.312) and plyometrics (p≤0.001; SD: 2.451). The application of Kinesio tape on the stabiliser muscles of the lower limbs  significantly improved running speed, agility and plyometrics in amateur soccer players immediately after application. 

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