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Traumatic abdominal wall hernia - four cases and a review of the literature

TC Hardcastle
DF Du Toit
C Malherbe
GN Coetzee
M Hoogerboord
BK Warren
CC Modin


Objective: To review blunt traumatic abdominal wall hernias (TAWHs) in our institution.

Method: Retrospective review of blunt abdominal trauma cases over a 6-month period.

Results: Four patients with TAWH were identified. The mean age was 36 years. Three had been involved in vehicular collisions, and 1 had been assaulted with a large stone. All were diagnosed on presentation, 3 by computed tomography scan and 1 clinically. Two were repaired as emergencies, and 1 was repaired after 4 months. The 4th patient refused surgery.

Conclusion: This uncommon injury requires a high index of suspicion and a low threshold for intervention. CT scan offers the best imaging potential.

South African Journal of Surgery Vol. 93(2) 2005: 41-43