• J.P. van Niekerk


In the 'Opinion' entitled 'Pressure immobilisation for snakebite in southern Africa remains speculative' by R. S. M. Blaylock, which appeared on pp. 826 - 827 of the SAMJ of December 1994, the meaning of two sentences was altered by printer's and editorial errors. In the last sentence of the first paragraph of the left-hand column on p. 827 the word 'than' was inadvertently omitted. The sentence should have read: 'This early and peak illness was reached no more slowly than in 4 of 5 other cases of green mamba bites where PI was not used'. In the last sentence of the same column, the words 'the case of Egyptian cobra bite' were changed to 'cases of Egyptian cobra bite'. Dr Blaylock was in fact comparing the single reported case in which pressure immobilisation had been used after Egyptian cobra bite with other cases in which it had not.


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