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Bone marrow and chelatable iron in patients with protein energy malnutrition

AA Sive, WS Dempster, S Rosseau, M Kelly, H Malan, H de V. Heese


Objectives: To examine the iron status of malnourished children by comparing bone marrow iron deposits in children with protein energy malnutrition with those in well-nourished controls, and measuring chelatable urinary iron excretion in children with kwashiorkor. Design: Bone marrow iron was assessed histologicaHy in postmortem specimens from children with kwashiorkor or marasmus, and from controls. Twenty-four-hour urinary iron was measured in children with severe kwashiorkor, half of whom received 10 mg/kg of intramuscular desferrioxamine (DFO) on admission.  Setting: Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town. Subjects: Thirteen children with kwashiorkor, 6 with marasmus and 16 well-nourished children underwent bone marrow examination. Urinary iron excretion was assayed in 17 children with kwashiorkor. Results: Stainable iron was present in the bone marrow of half the children with kwashiorkor but in only 1 child in each of the other groups. The median iron excretion was 945.5 µg/24 hours in the DFO group compared with 28.5 µg/24 hours in the non-DFO group. Conclusions: There is an apparent excess of iron which may predispose to bacterial infections and free radicalmediated injury in children with kwashiorkor. 

S AFr Med J 1996; 86: 1410-1413

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