Disodium Cromoglycate (Lomudal) in Asthma with Emphasis on Lung Function Tests

  • S Zwi
  • A.W.W. Van As
  • H.L. Goldman


Twenty allergic asthmatics were treated with inhaled disodium cromoglycate (Lomudallt in addition to extant therapy. Improvement was assessed by the patient, clinically by the physician, by analysis of the patients' diary cards and by a battery of pulmonary function tests, after 3 months' treatment. Eighteen patients were improved. At the end of 1 year's treatment, only 1 failed to maintain improvement. No serious side-effects were encountered. Lung function tests demonstrated less hyperinflation in 9 out of 11 patients tested, less airway obstruction in 14 out of 20, no change in a standardized exercise test and an improvement in acid-base balance from compensated respiratory alkalosis to normal. The results in this trial are discussed in relation to others in this literature. The value of DSCG in facilitating reduction of corticosteroid and sympathomimetic therapy for asthma is emphasized. Some practical points in the use of DSCG are listed. Disodium cromoglycate is safe and efficacious in allergic bronchial asthma and is a very useful adjunct in the therapy of this common, potentially serious condition.


eISSN: 0256-95749