Valgus instability of the knee joint: a simple surgical repair

  • A. T. Matheson


The technique described for the lare treatment of valgus instability of the knee joint appears to be far simpler rhan the grear variety of alternative methods. In these late cases, the deep part of the medial ligament is almost always unsuitable for direct repair by suture or stapling. Generally it shows extensive fibrosis and shortening. Various methods designed to repair or to replace this structure are complex and, in our own and other hands, have given indifferent results. In the procedure described, a formal medial meniscectomy is performed even in the minority of cases where the meniscus appears to be normal. The quadriceps expansion, forming the superficial (or capsular) parr of the medial ligament, is overlapped side to side under maximal tension. It forms a significant and permanent reinforcement of the medial side of rhe joint. The objective and subjective results are described. Regardless of the cause of injury, duration of delay of surgical treatment and age of the patient, most pleasing results were obtained.


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