South African Medical Journal

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Sinus Histiocytosis with Massive Lymphadenopathy

CC Sinclair-Smith, LB Kahn, CJ Uys


Two cases of a recently described entity, 'sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy,' occurring in Black males, are reported. Prominent cervical adenopathy was the main presenting feature in both. Histologically, these nodes were characterised by pronounced proliferation of sinus histiocytes which showed phagocytosis of blood cells, predominantly Iymphocytes. One of the patients has been followed up for 9 years and has remained clinically well despite persistence of the adenopathy. The importance of recognition of this condition is stressed in order to obviate unnecessarily radical therapy for a mistaken diagnosis of malignancy.

S. Afr. Med. J., 48, 451 (1974)

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