Methyldopa combined with prindolol in the treatment of severe hypertension

  • YK Seedat


In a clinical trial of 30 patients suffering from severe hypertension (diastolic blood pressure above 130 mmHg) the combination of methyldopa and prindolol produced a satisfactory drop in blood pressure; a further 2 patients were satisfactorily controlled with the addition of furosemide 40 mg daily. Side-effects were few, and this trial was characterised by the absence of postural hypotension; this combination did not enhance central nervous system side-effects. A synergistic effect between methyldopa and β-adrenergic blocking agents as regards their hypotensive effect may exist, and the combination may be a better alternative to use than sympatholytic agents such as guanethidine or bethanidine sulphate in the treatment of severe hypertension.

S. Afr. Med. J., 48, 1608 (1974).

Author Biography

YK Seedat
Renal Unit and Hypertension Clinic, King Edward VIII Hospital and University of Natal, Durban

eISSN: 0256-95749