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The management of transverse lie in labour

W. Edelstein


The management of 410 cases of transverse lie in labour at Baragwanath Hospical during the period 1964 - 1968 is analysed. Two conclusions may be drawn. Caesarean section should be performed in the fol/owing cases:
(a) In patients in whom the membranes have been ruptured-a classical caesarean seclion is recommended in cases with an impacted shoulder with prolapse of a limb and a tonic contracted uterus;
(b) for cases where the cause of the malpresentation is placenta praevia;
(c) where the cord presents or is prolapsed;
(d) where labour has been protracted; or
(e) where the lower segment is judged to be 'unsafe'.
Internal version may be considered:
(a) If the membranes are intact or very recently ruptured and where dilatation of the cervix will permit immediate delivery; and
(b) delivery of the second twin.

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