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Evaluation of 19 provenances of <i>Calliandra calothyrsus</i> at Gairo and SUA Farm, Morogoro, Tanzania: scientific paper

M Herbert
AG Mugasha
SAO Chamshama


Performance evaluation was conducted among nineteen provenances of Calliandra calothyrsus from meso-America, Indonesia and Tanzania. Two trials were established in February and March, 1996 at Gairo (8 provenances) and Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Farm (17 provenances) in Morogoro, Tanzania. Assessment was carried out at 3, 6, 14, 27, and 41 months for survival, root collar diameter and height. Biomass production was assessed during the last assessment occasion at SUA Farm (27 months after planting) and for Gairo at 27 and 41 months after planting respectively. At 27 months, when final assessment was done at SUA Farm, survival ranged from 33.3% (Lushoto Arboretum and Babati provenances) to 91.7% (Gracie Rock provenance). Above ground biomass production ranged from 4.81 to 17.26 t/ha for provenances Lushoto Arboretum and San Ramon respectively. When final assessment was done at Gairo site 41 months after planting, survival ranged from 50% for Apic Apac provenance to 75.0% for Fortuna and Cofradia provenances. Above ground biomass production ranged from 12.60 to 22.35 t/ ha for Apic Apac and Fortuna provenances respectively. Analysis of leaf samples showed low variation in N and P leaf contents for the provenances studied (ranges 1.35-2.50 N% and 0.09-0.18 P%). Based on the findings from this study, provenances Union Juarez, San Ramon, Bandug, Bombana and Flores are recommended for the SUA farm site and Fortuna, Cofradia, Bandung and San Miguel for the Gairo site.

Southern African Forestry Journal No.194 2002: 15-26